The applications of titanium clad aluminum sheet

The use of titanium is very important .titanium, low density, high tensile strength, in the range -235-600 °C, than the strength of his almost the highest in metal material, it may be appropriate oxidizing environment to form a thin hard oxide film, has excellent corrosion resistance. In addition, it has a non-magnetic characteristics of a small coefficient of linear expansion, which makes an important first titanium and titanium aerospace structural materials, and subsequently extended to ship manufacturing, chemical industry, and developed rapidly.

 Especially in the chemical, oil fields. With advances in technology, titanium and titanium clad aluminum sheet is widely used in machinery and equipment, fertilizer, fiber, paper pulp, electrochemistry, sound film, desalination, coking, sports, medical, automotive, storage tanks, pressure vessels, heat transfer equipment, electrolytic containers, equipment, valve, replace other metals quickly integrated into our production applications, even our body. 

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