New technology of polished brass sheet
Polished brass sheet's craft completely get rid of the traditional recipes, there is absolutely no nitric acid or hydrogen peroxide for chemical polishing, easy recipes, process stability, safe operation and low cost. Keywords copper and its alloys, chemical polishing, foaming agents, drugs Yellow 1 Introduction With the development of industry and agriculture and people's living standards improve, copper and alloys are widely used for obtaining decorative surfaces and some special requirements, and its products typically the need for chemical polishing. Conventional chemical polishing mainly into two categories, one of which is the CrO3-H2SO4 system; First HNO3-H2SO4 system, the former of CrO3 is highly toxic, the latter due to the high concentration of HNO3, polishing produce large amounts of NO2 gases, hazardous to your health, the environment pollution. For a long time, at home and abroad have done a lot of research work, using a low nitrate pollution processes to reduce nitrogen oxides, but still not ideal, but better in the formula for the H2O2-H2SO4 system , and because H2O2 decomposition. there are also disadvantages unstable. To solve these problems, we have successfully developed a new formula, without adding HNO3 or H2O2, at room temperature for polishing, its surface brightness, stable performance, non-toxic solution to fundamentally overcome the above disadvantages, to achieve the purpose of cure, and the recipe is simple raw materials readily available, inexpensive, is beneficial to the health of workers and environmental protection effective way is technically a breakthrough. 
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