Production process of high quality copper-aluminum clad metal plate

High quality copper-aluminum clad metal plate’s production process is more complex, has been widely used in many industries.

Following a brief introduction about high quality copper-aluminum clad metal plate production process.
First, a surface oxides, and in the middle of one surface of the copper plate of the U-shaped groove preload, and then the copper in a protective atmosphere, heated to 400 ~ 500 íŠ, heat reserve.
Secondly, select round aluminum rod, aluminum row for hot extrusion to obtain the copper aluminum row quickly placed in a U-shaped groove for coating processing, and seam welding, to obtain copper and aluminum clad boards.

Finally, copper and aluminum clad sheet into a continuous rolling mill stand, prepare all clad aluminum composite metal panels, the invention process route is short, continuous process, high production efficiency, directly after hot extrusion coated aluminum rod copper, the protective gas can not only prevent the surface oxidation, and can be achieved using the waste heat hot-rolled, reducing rolling reduction, not only simplify the process away, and to improve the interface bond strength of composite plate. 

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