Introduction of copper / aluminum transition matetrial

Introduction of copper / aluminum transition matetrial

Hejin produces many metal material,which is the unique oxygen-free hot-melt composite technology,improving the peeling strength of our production greatly ,which can be cut, bended , stretched, drilled, stamped without rugosity, crackness or delamination .

At the same time ,our products have more advantages of good stability , light weightiness, strong conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance compared with other products on the market.

Our products can be widely used in various industries such as electric power industry, decoration industry, ship industry, the auto industry and tableware industry etc. 
Copper / aluminum transition matetrial is a stable high conductivity, ease of molding, and a stable output performance conductive material, free use of environmental impact, composite surface will not break without taking measures to reinforce the role was able to achieve excellent conductivity.

Copper / aluminum transition matetrial It is used for high and low voltage electrical appliances, electronic components, high and low voltage power transmission parts and composite washer. 

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