Copper or copper/aluminum clad metal recycles

In all metals, copper is the best regeneration performance, scrap copper industry is an important source of raw materials.
There are two categories according to their sources of copper. One is a new scrap, which is generated in the process of industrial production of copper scrap. The other is the old copper, which is discarded after use copper or 
copper/aluminum clad metal. Copper and copper-based material, whether in a state of nudity, or be wrapped in the final product, in the product life cycle stages can be recycled. In general, for regeneration of new scrap copper scrap accounted for more than half.
Virtually all of the scrap can be recycled, and the regeneration process is very simple. First, the collected scrap sorting, no contaminated scrap copper or copper/aluminum clad metal of the same composition can be melted down melted direct use; been seriously contaminated scrap to further refine the process to remove impurities; For mutual mixed copper alloy scrap , you need to be melted composition adjustment. By such a reproduction process, the physical and chemical properties of copper from damage, it is fully updated.
From ore extraction to the production of refined copper, need to go through a lot of energy-intensive production processes, energy consumption. With the production of copper scrap recycling, not only economic but also energy-saving, and primary copper production can be compared to saving 80-90%. Copper recycling can not only efficient use of natural resources and are environmentally friendly. Influence of copper recycling of many factors, mainly: waste collection system efficiency, technical and economic factors, product design, social values ​​and the degree of attention the government and so on. Rational design of materials used, recycled and discarded, is to maintain the sustainable development of society important content. 

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