Copper-aluminum clad metal plate applications in architectural decoration industry
Copper-aluminum clad metal plate
is the best and the most advanced composite technology, it has been widely used in many fields. Copper-aluminum clad metal plate with weather resistance, corrosion resistance, super peel strength, especially with cold forming characteristics (windows and doors manufacturer may need to be processed into a variety of profiles), its decorative effect is very high, and life than long.

Copper-aluminum clad metal plate in the production process, the use of thin copper as surface materials, aluminum base, with high technology composite dual metal specification plate or bimetallic coil belt.

Copper-aluminum clad metal plate used in building decoration materials industry is manufacturing various types of double metal composite material windows, doors, revolving doors, security doors, escalator handrails, guardrails and other decorative decoration with plates, filling the building materials industry bimetallic a blank.
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