The material of brass decorative plate

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. The easiest brass is a copper - zinc binary alloy, called simple brass or ordinary brass.Brass decorative plate is widely used in many fields. Changing the content of zinc in brass can get different mechanical properties of brass. The higher content of zinc in brass, and its intensity is higher, lower plasticity. Industry, brass, zinc does not exceed 45% of the high zinc content will be brittle, the alloy performance deterioration.

To improve the performance of a brass, a brass on the basis of other alloying elements brass called special brass. Common alloying elements are silicon, aluminum, tin, lead, manganese, iron and nickel. In brass and aluminum brass can increase the yield strength and corrosion resistance, slightly lower plasticity. Aluminum is less than 4% of the brass has good processing, casting and other performance. In brass plus 1% tin brass can significantly improve atmospheric corrosion resistance to seawater and marine capacity, so called "Navy brass."


Brass tin can improve cutting performance. Leaded brass main purpose is to improve machinability and improved abrasion resistance, lead has little effect on the strength of brass. Manganese brass has good mechanical properties, thermal stability and corrosion resistance; in manganese brass and aluminum, but also improve its performance, the smooth surface of the casting. Brass casting and pressure processing can be divided into two types of products. Commonly used brass chemical composition. 

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