The main features of aluminum copper clad metal coil

The main features of aluminum copper clad metal coil

Aluminum copper clad metal coil, which is combined use of the solid and liquid copper and aluminum, in the absence of air and other chemical components from the case of rolling temperature, and then through the latter large rolling mill rolling force, thus ensuring a high strength combined with copper and aluminum.
Main features of Aluminum copper clad metal coil are as follows:

(1) Low cost, light weight: the same volume of composite products, compared with pure copper can be cost savings for customers; proportion is 37% -40% pure copper.

(2) Excellent processing performance: its bending properties than the same specifications of the same conductor, ease of processing, because the bonding strength, shearing, punching, bending copper, aluminum and non-hierarchical.

(3) Excellent thermal performance: aluminum composite sheet and strip, cold rolled processed into different thickness of plate and strip, as is the anaerobic metallurgical complex, no heat contact resistance, with copper, aluminum and metal good heat transfer performance .

(4) Excellent electrical properties: conductive material conductivity T2 is 90%, is the best choice instead of copper conductors. 

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