The maintenance of aluminum clading sheet

The maintenance of aluminum clading sheet

Aluminum clading sheet as aluminum material, composites, high strength, can be bending, drilling, punching and other deep-processing, chemical composition and stability, are widely used in industry.

How to maintain the aluminum clading sheet? Following a brief introduction about aluminum clading sheet maintenance:

Aluminum material stamping, pulled up, casting, forging or machining process will use stamping oil, pulled oil, release agents, cutting fluids and other working fluids.

So, in the production of finished aluminum products for cleaning before storage - drying - protective treatment is necessary.

Aluminum products in an open or semi-enclosed storage space is easily oxidized, moldy. Alloy material according to the difference, product discoloration times vary.

Clean products after drying, in ordinary circumstances, usually in three days after the start oxidation, became clear, as well as the naked eye can see, in serious cases, the surface uneven situation. 

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