Structure properties of Cu-al clad metal plate
Cu-al clad metal plate is made under anaerobic conditions of high temperature and pressure,which will be continuous complex industrial production, the outcome of the oxidative and eutectic transition layer between the two metals problem fundamentally, that effectively guarantee between the two metals the binding strength and binding rate, the capacity is guaranteed.  Cu-al clad metal plate interface does not produce galvanic corrosion, high temperature composite anaerobic conditions, the presence of an electrolyte between the two conditions are not metal, and thus will not produce galvanic corrosion and subsequent processing of the product with the use of large and continuous rolling line bright annealing process, product quality and stability. Excellent mechanical properties, can meet the bending, drilling, deep red and other deep-processing, low density, and cost savings.  Clad metal plate uses a wide range of alternative copper used in the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, decoration and other industries, saving more than 80% copper.
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