The manufacture of Oxygen free welding cu-al clad material

The manufacture of Oxygen free welding cu-al clad material

Oxygen free welding cu-al clad materialproduction requires technical support, it is not a simple process for producing.

Copper and aluminum are not directly soldered, not welded is not on, but after power will produce welded electrochemical reaction, will be out of danger.

A dedicated copper and aluminum transition piece, the principle is the formation of copper and aluminum alloy welding.
Described briefly below, composite gold welding problems that need attention:

(1) Copper and Copper: outdoors, hot and humid or corrosive gases indoors bus must lining of tin; in a dry room can be connected directly.

(2) Aluminum and Aluminum: direct connection.

(3) copper and aluminum: in a dry room, the lining of tin copper conductor should. Outdoors or close to 100% relative humidity indoor, should adopt copper and aluminum transition plates, copper terminal should lining of tin. Corresponding to this, the copper cable can be used when the copper and aluminum cable connecting pipe, copper cables, and copper and aluminum conductors can be connected to the terminal, copper, tin, and so the end to be boring. 

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