Copper clad aluminum metal plates features

Copper clad aluminum metal plates featuresHejin Metal products many clad metal plate, including copper, aluminum clad material, titanium, aluminum clad material etc. These metallic materials is widely used in many fields. Copper clad aluminum metal plate has many advantages when Comparing to other metal materials.
The advantages of copper clad aluminum metal plate : 
(1)Copper clad aluminum metal plate is the use of international advanced cladding welding process produces copper layer using more than 99.97% purity of refined copper, copper layer of high density, good conductivity; achieved between the copper layer and aluminum metallurgy with the copper layer in the circumferential direction and the vertical distribution, good concentricity. 
(2)Copper clad aluminum metal plate with copper in the weight and condition of the same diameter, it can greatly reduce the cost of raw materials. 
 (3) Compared with copper, copper clad aluminum metal plate has light weightiness, strong conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance. 
(4) which is more malleable than copper, not like that would generate insulating aluminum oxide, so it is easy processing. And better conductivity. 
(5) copper clad aluminum metal plate is easy to transport and installation and construction.  

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