Aluminum composited panel uses in various industries

Aluminum material has many features, low density, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and excellent reflective properties, aluminum has good resistance to corrosion, aluminum and various aluminum alloys have good ductility, can make various plastic processing, aluminum has a low melting point and good casting performance properties. Currently aluminum composited paneluses in various industries , as follows:

(1)Light: the daily hardware, household appliances, daily glass and aluminum up to household chemicals.


(2)Electrical industry: China ACSR almost all high-voltage transmission lines, another transformer coil, induction motor rotor busbars are also mostly aluminum transformers, as well as aluminum power cables, aluminum wire cloth, aluminum wire, etc. .

(3) Machinery manufacturing industry: machinery manufacturing major use of aluminum.

(4)The electronics industry: the electronics industry aluminum extensively, civilian products and basic device radio, amplifier, TV and capacitors, potentiometers, speakers, etc., military products, radar, tactical missiles jacketed equipment etc a lot of aluminum.

(5)The construction industry: aluminum half of applications in the construction industry, the production of aluminum doors and windows, structural, decorative panels, curtain wall aluminum and so on. Also used in the packaging industry, others such as automobile, metallurgy, aerospace, railway industry and other fields. 

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