Aluminum clad metal plate as building walls - drawbacks and advantages
For high-rise buildings using Aluminum clad metal plate for wall decoration whether security has always been skeptical that the composite aluminum curtain wall should be less or caution. High-rise buildings for the use of composite aluminum curtain wall will become " Air killer" or "invisible killer", a great danger lurking . First, the aluminum compound of the general structure for the three sides of the outside of the aluminum layer thickness of 0.1 to 0.3, the middle of the sandwich material is mainly used in low-pressure polyethylene ( high density polyethylene ) and other polymer materials, class with resin glue adhesive, glue inclusive of core material and toxic ingredients, and fire, weather, durable, anti-aging poor performance when burning or hot, even in the sun exposure will release harmful to human health gas ; Second, Aluminum composite strength is not high, easy to break when angled surfaces, partial core material expands when heated causing surface deformation and falling aluminum, together with its thermal expansion coefficient is generally higher than the keel and building large, sudden drum phenomenon so often useless The aesthetic impact ; Third, the general shared with the main building to install lightning protection devices, aluminum and composite core material and fasteners is a poor conductor of electricity, the current can not be quickly passed, vulnerable to high voltage lightning attacks ; Finally, because of their strength material reasons leading to the strength of its wind pressure is not high. Advanced countries currently have very few high-rise buildings make use of composite aluminum curtain wall, and switch to the safety and reliability of the relatively high single-layer aluminum . Aluminum clad metal plate is characterized by light weight, proper steel, energy dissipation and noise, and its decorative effect is good, the surface can be corrosion, ginning, painting, printing and other secondary processing, and aluminum can be comparable , and the cost was much lower. Composite aluminum technology matures, before materials are generally shipped through corrosion, weathering, crashworthiness, bending, compression, etc. processing, in the use of certain safety and reliability.
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