opper/aluminum clad metal plates characteristics
Cu al clading products use patented technology under anaerobic conditions at high temperature and pressure for industrial continuous composite production, from the fundamental solution to the transition between the two types of metal oxide and eutectic issues, both to ensure effective integration between the two metals strength and binding rate, but also ensure capacity. The following outlines the characteristics of copper/aluminum clad metal plate. 1. Interface does not produce galvanic corrosion. High compound under anaerobic conditions, there is generated between the two metal electrolyte and, consequently, no galvanic corrosion. 2. Subsequent processing of the product using a large strip continuous rolling and bright annealing technology, product quality and stability, plate well. 3.It can be different according to customer usage, providing Hard, semi-hard state, soft state and other various states of products. 4. A wide range of production . Produce between thickness 0.02mm ~ 15mm, width 1000mm variety of product specifications. 5. Excellent mechanical properties, can meet the bending, drilling, deep drawing and other kinds of deep processing. 6. Low density, cost savings and environmental friendly. 7.Versatile. It can be used for conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, decoration and other areas.  
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